DickieDuds® are the ORIGINAL REVERSIBLE RATCATCHER DICKIE for wearing over your camisole or T-shirt and under your hunt coat when showing in the English show ring. They are reversible so you can wear both sides, (not at the same time mind you) and made in a wide variety of colors and fabric patterns.

Stay cooler this summer!
From short stirrup to Grand Prix…kids can’t outgrow them as one size fits most everyone.

  • Wearing a DickieDud eliminates the bunched-up-tucked-in-look that is so commonly seen in the tight fitting breeches.
  • No more excess fabric “bunching up” in your armpits.
  • Adjustable neck sizing.
  • No more lost collars. The collar is permanently attached and held in place with Velcro while wearing.

Easy machine wash care. Stands up to rugged use.

Finally comfortable english riding apparel at comfortable prices. Perfect for those hot summer days. Get comfortable and stay cooler in a 100% cotton DickieDuds®.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a DickieDuds®?
A: DickieDuds are nothing more than reversible ratcatcher dickies. Worn instead of a full shirt under your hunt coat.

Q: What holds DickieDuds® in place?
A: DickieDuds are fastened at the back of your neck using adjustable Velcro so one size fits most everyone. Only a very small area of the shirt is seen, mainly, the collar and a small V-shape at the button panel. Your hunt coat holds the remaining shirt in place.

Q: What do I wear underneath my DickieDud®?
A: Most people wear camisoles, tank tops or t-shirts. Whatever you would normally wear while grooming your horse.

Q: Does the shirt “ride-up”?
A: If your hunt coat fits you correctly you shouldn’t have any problems with the shirt “riding up”.

Q: What happens when the judge excuses hunt coats?
A: You aren’t required to remove your jacket. When you wear your DickieDud you can keep that professional look and still stay cool!